Indifferent.  Interesting word, no?  How many times in your life do you find yourself telling others that “you couldn’t care less” or that “it doesn’t matter”?  Having heard these incredibly frustrating phrases almost every single day for three or four years, i found myself in an odd position.  As a personal trainer, i am in charge of providing motivation for others, for shifting their views in order to see themselves in a different light.  A somewhat brighter light.  A light that doesn’t allow for any judgement or critical thinking.  How could i possibly change or help to shape the mindset of an individual who claims he/she doesn’t care?  This question plagued me nightly for a few years.  Helping others is what i am best at, it’s what i love doing the most, it makes me whole, “it completes me” (in the words of my man J. Mcguire).
Two or three months ago i finally ended this constant battle in my head as to how to go about treating these people.  Before, i would put all of my energy into trying to demonstrate how anyone is capable of changing their lifestyle for the better and claiming or re-claiming health.  I approach fitness in a different way, learning from my own past experience and trying hard to avoid any and all routines.  Although this creates a huge amount of work for me, it allows for my fitness philosophy to remain in a state of progressive evolution and this is mega important.  So what was the conclusion that i reached?  For those who come to me in hopes of finding the ultimate secret to a healthy lifestyle, or to reach their optimal state of fitness, i ask them one question before moving forward or wasting one millisecond of their time/my time:  Why are you here?
Their responses are often alarming, and i love every single one.  I think the absolute funniest was a teenaged girl who came in and i was very curious as to her motivation for seeking personal training because she seemed to be in good shape.  Little did i know that she also had a sharp wit, and fired the question back at me.  This was so awesome!  This young girl forced me to re-hatch all of my motives and ideals as a fitness trainer.  Why was i there?  Because i strive for others to reach that amazing feeling that one achieves after reaching a physical goal, thus breaking through mental walls in the process.  I know exactly how that feels, and as good as i feel when i break through one of my own self-constructed walls, seeing the joy in someone else’s face is all the better.  I wish everyone could experience this feeling.  I am sure many of you have in different ways.  This is why i find the word indifferent to be so incredibly frustrating and motivating at the same time.  Please, do yourself a favor and go find one of the best songs ever (especially for motivation during an intense sweat sesh).  You must believe me when i say that opening is a little odd, but if you let the entire song play out and really just let your mind drift, it gets you p-u-m-p-e-d!
The group is Pepe Deluxe, the song “Indifferent”.  Like my introduction?  Total coincidence, i promise!  Do you ever find that your issues/feelings in life at any given moment directly reflect the music you find appealing?  I do.  I love any and ALL types of music.  Try me… I dare any of you to give me a song that you absolutely love and i bet you after a few listens it will become a top 1000 for me 😉  Love music!  It is the ultimate form of expression.
Anyway i bet you guys are wondering quite a bit about me (new readers).  I used to have a blog (LeanGreenDeane), which i felt wasn’t taking the direction that i wanted it to; my fault, i know!  Well here goes my second and final shot at expressing my life to all of you!  Whether you are looking for fitness tips, plate lickin’ raw/vegan recipes,  music recommendations, motivational fitness how-to-videos, the occasional ridiculous joke (or 2), or maybe you want to follow me on my path to obtaining a degree from Bastyr University in the field of Natural Medicine next year… You will find it all here!  Currently i am in Ontario, Canada just about ready to start my final semester of  my undergraduate studies.  Like i said, i love people!  I tutor hilarious kiddos in my spare time and to keep the cash flow coming in (aka supplement my impulsive music/nut butter buying habits).  I was also a personal trainer at a health club, but now maintain a more solo approach due to my apparent inability to conform to “club standards”, aka i opted to take my talents else where and follow my own “policies”!  I am purchasing a Smart car in the near future, currently i have a nice truck that i have had off the road for a few years due to my distain for driving vs. bicycling when possible.  I jump at any and all volunteer opportunities to work with animals.  I love writing, hiking, trail-running, mountain biking, roller-blading, ice-skating, swimming, reading children’s books (can’t help it, i love them and wouldn’t mind writing my own someday).  I don’t have a facebook account (gasp!), but i get my fair share of farmville in the area that i currently reside (aka farmville).  I feel that time is better spent being yourself than pretending you are someone you are not, and honesty is the most important quality to me in others!  I love life, and i look forward to sharing a slice of mine with all of you!   Sincerely, Deane 



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4 responses to “Indifferent

  1. Yay! I am loving the theme of this blog :)Hopefully you can express what you want the way you want it, this time around!

  2. You know I’d follow you here 😉

    I love the look and feel of the new site!

    I couldn’t agree more with the importance of knowing your motivation…not just for when you are at the gym, but for life in general. And music is sometimes a powerful motivator in and of itself.

    Now to track down that song. Have a great weekend!

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