A little taste of Deane

Hey guys!
For those who are new readers, i thought i should throw out a few completely random, unusual yet incredibly interesting facts about myself before i start writing up a storm!  Here is a little bit of me:

My birth name is not Deane, Deane (my middle name) is what i prefer friends to use, yet my family insists on calling me by my birth name.

It is rare to hear me use the word hate unless it involves card games.

The longest i have ever been awake for is 26 hours and that is enough for me.

I will never run a red light on purpose, even in the middle of nowhere!

I often have very odd, re-occurring dreams in which i wake up extremely disturbed and frightened. Weird, huh?

I often dream of becoming a children’s author one day even though i have no set plans to take my life in that direction!

I have never been fond of cats yet i have had one for sixteen years.  He’s grown on me!

I cannot sleep with the door closed.

I don’t watch much television but 2 shows that i love are Frasier, and Good Luck Charlie.

I once ate 10 apples in one day.

I have lived in 10 different houses in my life-time.

I have visited three continents.

I believe in the paranormal and have witnessed activity on a few different accounts.

I should be dead, had it not been for my sis pulling me out of a pool when i was younger.

Someone very close to me is a pathological liar and i have a hard time watching them ruin their life.

I must sweat, daily, or else i will not sleep!

I can’t stand carbonated drinks.

I LOVE maps.  Any kind.  Specifically aged maps.

I have never smoked a cigarette.

Sleepless in Seattle is one of my all-time favorite flicks.  (As well as many other romantic-comedies), followed in close second/third by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Dan in Real Life.

I hate sitting and engage in it only when forced (aka class).  I prefer lying down as my primary form of rest.

I would rather own an expensive bicycle than a cheap car.

My favorite meal would consist of b-sprouts sprinkled in nooch and milled-flax seed, lightly toasted black quinoa with pumpkin seeds, a hefty slice of Japanese Pumpkin, with a sprouted brown-rice/chia/apricot smoothie on the side.

Any interesting facts about yourselves you wish to share?  I’m always up for funny quirks!
Deane, Out.

(In a Haunted Church in Cuzco, Peru)



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3 responses to “A little taste of Deane

  1. I did stay in a Haunted hotel with 200 other food bloggers for HLS. So I believe in ghosts.

    I can touch my nose with my tongue. Yes, I can e-mail you a pic.

  2. Yay! Your new site looks great!! I also HATE card games…they give me anxiety – but I am forced to play all the time because I married into a card-game-loving-family. Sigh.

    Also, I don’t really like dogs…but my pup grows on my every day. 🙂 Happy weekend, Deane!

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