Love/Hate Relationship

Story of my life.  It seems that everything i adore or find myself infatuated with ends up on my hit list two weeks later.  No, i don’t actually have a hit list, it’s a metaphor people.  But realistically if i did have a hit list of things i once loved, it would look something like this:

1.  Running on the dread-mill
2.  Eating Figs
3.  Tropical Climates
4.  Early Bed Time
5.  Book Shopping
6.  Driving
7.  Summer Weather

Okay, so some of these things on the list i admit i still love: Figs.  Some i wish i could fall back into a healthy relationship with:  hitting the pillow earlier, book shopping.  But the others i could do without FOREVER.  I have never liked nor appreciated tropical climates or extremely hot weather (similar to what we are experiencing this Summer in Ontario.  I live for crisp, cool fall nights, intense thunderstorms, blizzards and icy streets.  What can i say, i am different… I would also be completely comfortable never driving EVER again.  If i could take my bicycle everywhere, you could bet that i wouldn’t hesitate to try!  I usually bike to school at least a few times a week in the Fall (20 miles).  I love it.  If i never saw another treadmill again, i would be a happy camper.  But perhaps the most controversial love/hate relationship i struggle with constantly is my inability to walk in/out of a bookstore without dropping at least $50 every time.  Yes, reading is a healthy hobby, but spending money you do not have or cannot afford to waste certainly is not.  I think i will shed a tear this week when i have to fork out nearly $600 for this semesters reading material.  Do you guys have a hard time parting with book money?  Have any love/hate relationships in your life?  Do share.  Oh ya, i also have a love/hate relationship with “dating”.  I don’t understand girls yet.  I’m working on it!



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3 responses to “Love/Hate Relationship

  1. I am totally with you on the book thing…I always spend money I don’t have on them :s and on food – I’m a sucker for new and unusual food!

  2. I hate driving too. Hate.

    And girls are crazy…I can say that, because I am one. So, unfortunately, no words of wisdom there – except “make them laugh” an then they’ll probably fall in love with you. At least that’s what happened in my case. 🙂

  3. definitely agree about the summer weather thing. The humidity gets so old after about a week. and LOL i don’t understand boys.. so there! 😉

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