Peru: Part 1

Hey Guys!  I guess i never really made clear my connections with the South American country of Peru in my last blog.  My father travels back and forth quite frequently as he conducts a ton of business in cities like Chiclayo, Lima, and Pisco.  I was lucky enough to join him and his girlfriend’s sons on a once in a lifetime trek through the Andes on the infamous Inca Trail.  Welcome to my trip:

My pops walking down a deserted street in Cuzco.

View from our little room on night #1 in Cuzco before the trek.

At a little cafe/juice bar tucked away in the hills of Cuzco, a pressed marijuana leaf  inside of our table.

Llamas for sale?

Cuzco from Sacsayhuaman.

Blanco Christo.

John and JC.

It may look as if we are mocking the statue here, but what would you do after hiking for an hour and wanting to get a decent pic at the top?  Thats what i thought 😉  Besides i have nothing but love for the big guy, he knows this!

Pretty sure those were sweet potatoes in there, i wanted to… but decided against stealing from a 4 year old.

These children sang songs about George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to us.  They were unbelievably funny and spot on.  Cute little guys, until they reached out there tiny hands afterwards and expected “American Dollars”.  😉

Stay tuned for part 2!



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2 responses to “Peru: Part 1

  1. Gorgeous pictures!! How long were you there?? I would have done the same thing with JC, too. 🙂 And the sweet potato bag…nice restraint on taking it from the kiddo.

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