Peru: Part 2

Such a solid trip!  If you ever have the chance to trek in this area or visit Peru, make sure you take some time and travel the short plane hop from Lima to Cuzco.  Cuzco is a fantastic little city perched high on the rocky peaks of the Andes mountain range.  You are in for quite a positive culture shock, as well as some wonderful times and great eats!  Some of the must try food items include: Choclo (pretty much MONDO sized corn that is 10x tastier than anything you will ever find in North America!), Chicha (a fermented beverage that can be made from a variety of grains including purple corn, quinoa, barley, garbanzo beans, but molle is the most prominent grain that has a very delicate flavor and is often touted for it’s unreal hangover), Quinoa (all varieties!), Hemp Seed (very easy to find in both Lima and Cuzco), and last but not least, the single reason that our group conquered the altitude 90% of the time:  Coca Leaves.  Yes, Coca Leaves.  You chew them, and they require no further explanation 😉

All of us in a church in Cuzco, such a great tour guide (a homeless man off of the street who knew far more then the professionals)

A guide on his break, apparently?

Heading down from Sacsayhuaman, Pops (green shirt), Nick (6’6”) and I (turquoise) planning our next move.

Waiting at the trail-head outside of Cuzco.

Some friends of mine.

Inca Trail!  Stay Tuned.

Deane, Out



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2 responses to “Peru: Part 2

  1. Whenever I travel I love to meet up with the locals, because they know more of the area. I also don’t like to travel to the more touristy places. So it’s fun to avoid those!

  2. Mmm, that choclo sounds so good…I pretty much gnaw on raw corn on the cob like it’s candy, so I can’t even imagine a better-mondo-sized version of it. Maybe I’ll get there someday…

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