An Apple A Day…

It is no secret that i love apples.
Those of you who read my previous blog know that i have an undeniable love for the heart shaped wonder fruit.
I don’t keep track, but i have estimated (while sitting through Microbio slides) that in the past three years i have consumed over one-thousand apples.
I have tried over 20 different varieties.
I am moving to Washington in a few months, and other than the fact that i will be doing what i love for a living, studying/researching what i am passionate about and hiking/biking/kayaking my way around Puget Sound w/ dog, Washington apples are my fourth secret benefit of moving cross country 😉
Here are a few Facts about apples that i find pretty darn interesting:

The average person eats 65 apples/year.  [Apparently i am WAY above average, story of my life 😉 ]

Apples float.

The largest apple ever picked weighed in at three pounds, two ounces.  [I am smiling.]

The apple is the official state fruit of 4 states!

There are over 7500 varieties of apples grown world-wide [Life goal]

Apple trees don’t bear their fruit until the ripe age of 4-5.

Archaeologists have evidence of apple-eating guys and gals dating as far back as 6500 BC.  [Obviously my ancestors]

Tonight, i intend on eating a fresh Cortland before i hit the pillow… Cortland’s are one of my all-time favorite.  Hands down, they are just the right amount of sour, crunchy and not too dry.  I have a huge report due at the end of the semester and i intend on writing all about the different cultural viewpoints surrounding the apple all around the globe… Intriguing, i know!  Trust me, it will be one of the best papers i have ever put together because there is nothing i look forward to researching more.  It is for a global sustainability course.  What are your favorite apples?  If you don’t like them, don’t bother commenting.  Actually, don’t bother reading 😉  (Side note: Recipe and Fitness pages coming soon!  Peru Part 3 next!)

Cool, huh?


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  1. I reckon I eat about 400 apples a year..I can’t get enough!
    Is that DC you’re moving too? My marathon is there!

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