To Whom It May Concern:

I was thinking quite a bit about what i would like to see happen in the next few months, so for those of you who have connections up at the top, get on this asap:

  • It seems as though our withdrawal plan from the fragile countries we have set up camp in hasn’t panned out as of yet.  We all need to accept the fact that terrorism and terrorists are ALWAYS going to be a steady and present variable in the equation, so we need to get past this and come up with a solution at home rather than abroad.  Don’t get me wrong, i am all for security and development, but i would like to see it happen on our doorstep rather than down the street at the abandoned house on the corner…  I am fairly certain that if i can instantly read about the extent of a thirteen-year-olds stubbed toe in Southwestern Russia, than the technology is clearly available to handle radical situations from a distance.  I know a lot of you have strong opinions and views in both directions, but i think we can all agree, this world would be a far better place if violent and hostile situations could somehow be averted and settled in a different way or better yet if counter-terrorism was internationally funded, supported, and executed in a collaborative manner.  Let’s face it, our past “wars”  have been about much more than terrorism alone.
  • On a similar note:  If someone is on our country’s “No Fly List”, he/she should not make it past the ticket counter at their departing airport.  I am 100% sure i am not the only one who is extensively searched and violated (for reasons i respect) as i have seen families with toddlers who have had to take shoes and socks off as well as all provide evidence that they are indeed a family.  How is it conceivably possible that on Christmas day last year, a young-man not much older than myself made it through THREE international airports en route to end many lives with his name being on the “Potential Risk List”?  Someone GET ON THIS.
  • Form an International Bill to pass a law in every country containing mines that a proper inspection needs not only to be standard but enforced.  This inspection would include both the physical safety of the mine itself, and the willingness of the mining company to provide assistance to it’s OWN workers should an emergency ever arise.  GET ON THIS.
  • Bus drivers need to be thoroughly educated as to why they need to follow PLANNED routes.  This is much easier than raising every highway overpass in North America.
  • Campers:  PUT OUT YOUR FIRES.  How simple is that?  You could be saving an entire national park.  Smoky was not kidding people.  He may be a bear but apparently he is a lot brighter than some of you.
  • To Rev. Terry Jones:  Burning another religion’s bible is neither productive nor conducive to your own safety.  You probably should have thought that one out, and people might also take you more seriously without the mutton chops… Just a tip.
  • To FDA:  Approving genetically engineered salmon and ignoring conditions in farming facilities across the USA slightly contradicts your own slogan.  You are neither “Protecting or Promoting our health”…
  • To those pressuring our countries oil producers more than ever right now:  Know that pressure leads to oil slicks, dead animals, and international embarrassment, don’t make the same mistake three times.

    This is just the tip of the ice burg but it feels good to blow a few things off of my tongue.  Now that i have all of that off of my chest, i can move on to something tasty tomorrow 🙂  Thanks.  Opinions? I Know You Have Them.  I Love Any And All Input.  Comment!  Deane, Out.


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