Here We Go Again…

‘Oh oh i want some more’!  This song gets me up, out of bed and running out the door every morning with a smile on my face… I LOVE IT!  As soon as it pops on my ipod alarm i rocket out of my sheets (90% of the time), quickly make the mess of pillows that is my bed and knock out some push-ups before the song is over.  The song, btw, is Animal by Neon Trees.  If you are looking for some pump up music, look no further than the following list of my ultimate sweat breakin’, heart pumpin’ new + older  tunes:

  • Hanson – Thinkin’ ‘Bout Somethin’
  • Bruno Mars – Just  The Way You Are
  • Florence And The Machine – (Her entire album!)
  • Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls (classic)
  • Death Cab For Cutie – We Looked Like Giants
  • Sparta – Air
  • Jimmy Eat World – Pain

Other than waking up to those lyrics this morning, i also had a special delivery that left me wanting more as well… ALOT more!

How cute is that?  This would be a little hand-drawn note from one of my favorite bloggin’ Mama’s daughters.  Or at least i assume  that it was Gigi or Lulu who drew this beautiful pic, maybe it was Mama Pea herself?  Either way, i was smiling all day long… She sent me a few of her top secret cookies w/ a crazy ingredient that works so well and brings out every taste in the cookie perfectly!  Don’t take my word for it though, go out and grab her cookbook when it comes out in the Fall of 2011.  I know, long time to wait… Especially once you have tried one of her recipes straight from the source, oh my god.  Thanks MP!

Other than consuming my mail, i was pretty productive today in that i began work on a few assignments, was the perfect student in ALL of my classes (of course), had a bangin’ workout before i left this morning (recaps and vids soon), and i was even able to make it to the grocery store before i headed home for the day!  All in all, i would call that a decent day.  I also had time to sing my heart out on the hour drive to Michigan.  I love it when i pull up to stoplights with the top down and people watch me rock out to whatever.  I pulled up next to a custom’s officer near the border and him (a 50-something black man) and i were having a little dance off to Single Ladies.  His passenger was crying from laughter.  I love seeing people enjoy themselves… No matter if you were blessed with amazing vocals or not!

Guess what i found at Plum Market in West Bloomfield, MI?

Score!  New varieties of Pastas from Explore Asia… These rock.  The only ingredients are beans and water and they pack a freakish amount of protein per serving… 20 grams!  Find this stuff, now.

I made some beet burgers for dinner, had whatever was left of the cookies from this morning (crumbs), read for a few, spent entirely too much money on music, hit up some strength-yoga and called it a night.  Deane, Out!



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18 responses to “Here We Go Again…

  1. Oh my, that last picture is so beautiful!
    And :O that’s so cute that Lulu/Gigi sent you something!! I’ll try not to be jealous..I hugged Angela at Oh She Glows and Caitlin HTP before, so I don’t feel tooo bad 😛

  2. I am currently listening to/watching the video for Neon Trees, and it (gasp!) is making me excited for winter (I’m not sure that’s ever happened before!)because they’re walking through snowy streets. Besides that, it’s a phenomenal workout song, I can totally picture you springing out of bed and rocking some push-ups to it. I wonder how Meeker would feel if I blasted this song while he was still sleeping in the AM?? Something tells me he wouldn’t love it, but I’ll never know until I try. 😉

    • So cool that you actually went and listened to it. I never get tired of it, for some reason? I always love a good song that gets my blood going, especially in the morning! Have any recs for me?

  3. How those cookies were even edible (after what two weeks?) is beyond me. And yes, that was the girls’ handiwork. My artwork is far less impressive.

    Love the specs! You are styling, hottie pants!

    • Ah, unfortunately i need new specs soon. If i decide that i don’t want to fork over the $400 that insurance won’t cover, you will catch me in the new 11′ Hollywood flick Legally Blind.

  4. First time commenter but lurker for a bit, I must say impressive playlist! I have something so similar on my ipod.
    And I’m very jealous of your new pasta finds! I’ve heard about them but havent found them myself. And I used to despise beets, but after culinary school, I finally learned how to use cook them and now I cant get enough!

    • Tell me about it, it seems lately that they find there way into everything i make! Look for the pasta at natural health food stores. I found mine at Plum Market but i know they carry it at Whole Foods at some locations.

  5. dee

    mmmm beets 🙂 I love em!
    i wish i could find some of those pasta meals, they sound awesome.
    i just started my blog up again today, wish me luck!

  6. Just found your blog, (nice to meet you!) lovin’ the playlist 🙂 I always jam out in the car, no matter who’s watching (or laughing or pointing… I’m glad I could amuse someone :P! )to songs on the radio or my own playlists on the ipod. It’s a blast.

    Beet Burgers~ I ♥ beets, they are sweet and delicious… I may try those one of these days. looking forward to more of your posts! 😀

  7. Ah, what a great package from mama pea and the girls. but if you think that’s great, you need to meet them in real life. those little girls will melt your heart. and mp’s humor will have you crying. they.are.awesome.

    I believe i might have read your old blog off and on but glad i found your new one! totally random, but do you do environmental work? you talked about working with animals and i was just curious (or is that part of the farm part eh?).

  8. bring on your best single ladies dance, and let’s battle.

    LOVE the new blog, and LOVE seeing your face on it! hope you have a great monday night – officially added to my reader 🙂

  9. Ok I think you’re the same blogger who used to blog by Deane’s Blog, is that right or am I totally out in left field. Entirely possible 🙂

    Love your tune list!

  10. elise

    blog mooooooooooooooore!!!

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