It Gets Better, And So Will My Posts! ;)

Hey everyone.  Quick check in.  I am alive and i will be starting a video fitness log very soon (upon camera retrieval).  Here is a little vid for now.  I am camera shy, bare with me, please.  



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11 responses to “It Gets Better, And So Will My Posts! ;)

  1. It says it’s not available!

  2. Such a great message! I talk about this of my life – it’s so hard to teach kids compassion, but I think it’s easier in elementary school than it is in middle/high school. I wish more people had your perspective and compassion – great video!

  3. You are amazing! Blog more 🙂

  4. Well said!!! You are strong and amazing and I’m proud to call you my friend 🙂

  5. great post and so proud of you! one of those boys that passed away lived right down the street from me; reaching out to their family definitely helps them as they try to heal.

  6. i agree with Sana– love your posts and this video 🙂 keep em coming!

  7. elise

    i love this. you are so amazing and i hope this message continues to grow, because the bully situation in our nation is so sad right now.
    more posts more posts!!

  8. i think i just love you more than i already did, and i didn’t know how that was possible. for issues like this is one of the main reasons i am in politics and trying to fight for equality. you are brave, strong and such an inspiration. THANK YOU FOR THIS. it brightened my day, and i only hope we can meet in person one day!

    and yes, i second elise – MORE POSTS PLEASE!!!

  9. dee

    I really REALLY loved this post. The end especially. It seems so simple, just BE KIND TO EACH OTHER. Compassion is one thing that really drives how i live my life, towards ALL living things. I was picked on a lot when I moved for looking different (i was the only darker skinned person at my school – got tortured for it) You are right, seeing those people now is interesting 🙂 they all seem to be in a much more different place in their lives than I am (getting my masters at a top uni, not to toot my own horn).

    anyhoo … REALLY loved this. Touched my heart 🙂

  10. Hey, just found you via Mama Pea and have been reading through a few of your posts. Love this one, it’s such a great message! It definitely does get better! 🙂 Good luck with your big move!

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