The light at the end of the tunnel.

Wow.  Thank you guys so much for the response to my last post, i mainly posted the video to get my opinion and voice out there to support those who are going through a rough time, but i thought that it might fit well on my blog as well since this blog is themed around enjoying nature, fitness, food, and it should be implied that treating others goes along well with all of those.  I can’t stress enough that being “present” in your own everyday life is crucial to acceptance and happiness.  I find it hard to believe that those who walk through life aimlessly, never once stopping to think before they toss their hurtful words out at another individual can be truly happy with themselves or content with who they are.  Remember, no one is perfect.  In fact, not even close. I have been guilty of judging others before i had a chance to get to know them, and i have experienced the judgement of others almost everyday of my life.  The best that each of us can do every single day is to live life as a whole.  By this i mean: everyone, everything, every moment should be treated with the respect and kindness we all love to be treated with.  Whoever first said smiles and acts of selflessness are contagious was not only a philosophical genius, but he/she most likely had a wonderful life.  Be that person today!  If you are a guy who likes to wear purple, wear purple and be proud of it.  Who cares what others think?  If it makes you happy, do it.  If you are a gal who enjoys wearing rainbow colored knee socks with bright green cons and bright red lipstick; rock it!  And if you are afraid to show you who you truly are to a family member, a friend, or even your husband/wife, cut the act today and you will feel at least one hundred and sixty-one percent better, you are going to have to trust me on this one.  You know what else might make you feel better?  This guy:

[photo credit]

He knows how bullying feels.  No worries though, after being trapped in a net he is now safe and being nursed back to health in Pirapolis.
Dolphins are absolutely amazing.  There are no words for how intelligent these guys are.  Apparently they are one up on us in that they have the decency to treat other species with respect. (Something humans have to work on)

On a completely different note… Guess what?  No!  Why would you guess that?  Weirdo.

I am graduating in a month!  And i could not be more ready.  For the next six months, i will continue to wear my “can i really afford this” cap, saving as much $ as i can manage to scrounge up whilst paying off a few small loans.  Why must i be so cheap?  Well, so i can afford a bachelor pad on the West coast!  Why else?  Because i will be living within walking distance of some of the best food North America has to offer, attending school for another three years which is remarkably more expensive than my recent grocery bill, and oh yeah, i am thinking i should save a little something for a social life, right?  Looking ahead is pulling me through these next four weeks of tests, exams, reports, research papers, and long nights that consist of: kombucha, waking up to find everyone left you at the library, textbooks, and christmas movies on my laptop to remind me that it is also almost DECEMBER! 😀  Anyone else as excited for snow as i am?  I have a special project i am taking on this year called Elf Ink.  I will let you all know more about this as work progresses.  For now, please enjoy your Tuesday, and compliment someone on their wacky, unique style today…  Seriously, do it.  Remember, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! Deane, Out!



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11 responses to “The light at the end of the tunnel.

  1. I love this post! I’m smiling from ear-to-ear!! I also love the dolphin/bullying analogy – I think I’m going to have to use that one in the classroom.

    In other news, holy congrats on being so close to graduation. That is super exciting, and the fact that you have such grand plans for afterwards is probably the best part of all. A bachelor pad on the west coast?? I’m not a bachelor, but heck yes!

    And I’m actually really excited for the first snow, I here it’s coming in 2 days…yipee!

  2. You’re graduating?! Congrats! You’re going to love living on the West coast with all those awesome people. Just think: Being up at 4am here is only 1am there, so that’s kind of “normal”.

  3. Can’t wait to hear what elf ink is all about!!! Love that you have Christmas movies on your lappytop. I’ve secretly been listening to the Christmas Jazz Station on Pandora for about 2 weeks now.

    Your dolphin reference = amazing. They’re my favorite animal!

    So exciting about graduation! You’re almost there 🙂

  4. Sarah Anne

    So happy to see you back!

    I AGREE with the bullying comment, and the ‘be your own and ROCK IT’ comment. I just turned 30, and while I was suuuper secure in my early 20’s, things turned around just a few years later. It’s taken hitting 30, to really figure out what I’m all about and who the ADULT Sarah is. It’s a tough journey but man are you right it is SO worth it. Along with this change, I’ve taken a leap, quit my job, am moving back home with my folks (From Vancouver) and then applying to holistic nutrition school. Was a sad move, having to leave my beau of 5 years, but I realize, in the grand scheme of things – it’s time to start doing something for me, to complete me, and to push me to do the things I LOVE doing. (which…just happens to be teaching people to not fear life, and to not fear food)

    Anyhow. That was a long rambling. Thank you, for being a positive light out there. I’ve been a bit of a lurker but wanted to come out and say CONGRATS and I look forward to more from you 😀

    • Thanks Sarah! Your story is quite inspiring (seriously). I am also going to grad school for naturopathic medicine. Where are you headed?

      • We need to talk more abt grad school at some point. G- chat?

      • Sarah Anne

        For right now, I’m going to be taking classes from Canadian College of Natural Nutrition (Through the Vancouver campus). I’m going to start with working on being a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I make my own herbal remedies and toy an awful lot with homeopathy so I see a potential for Naturopathic school somewhere down the road. 30 is the new 20 right? 😛

        Honestly though – it’s taken YEARS for me to get where I am and it’s still work every day. A supportive relationship, and discovering friends who support my thoughts, views and growth has all helped.

        I wish you alllll the best! I’d love to hear about where you’re headed as well! I’ve just had 5 years of work in a clinic, dealing with many different ‘alternative’ health modalities so I’m always up for some chat!

        (I also don’t have a blog yet, but I’m working on it. A little livejournal will have to do for now)

  5. elise

    youre almost there!!!!!!

    totally rocked out to xmas tunes alll the way home from work today. i had a kristin chenowith voice in my head. dont argue with it, ok.

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