Is it hot in here?

You know that funny feeling that you experience when you are edging towards the outside border of your comfort zone?  You know… It feels like your heart is creeping up into your throat and your stomach is on the spin cycle… Well, in the past, this is how I always felt whenever someone mentioned the word yoga.  I don’t really know what it was about yoga that I feared so much, other than the fact that it was new and I have never been a big “follow the leader – class” person in the first place.  Sure I can lead a spinning class any day, but mention the “y” word and I am out the door quicker than you can say Namaste.  (Did I just use a Yogi word? Who am I?)

So yesterday when my friend Alicia texted me while I was at work that there was a hot yoga class at Yoga To The People, which is a few miles from Thrive Cafe where I work, I immediately said yes for some reason… Little did I know that I had just signed myself up for a 90 minute 26 pose session.  Oh and “Hot” yoga does not mean that it is only for good looking people.  I realized this after walking out about five pounds lighter…

The class was in a few words: Amazing.  It exceeded, destroyed, and kicked my expectations’ butt!  I thought I was pretty flexible going in, but was completely humbled during the entire experience.  I thought it would never compare to my traditional strength or cardio workouts, but this is an entirely different league of activity.  I thought I would hardly break a sweat, but at one point there was a STEADY stream of sweat pouring off of my face.  I don’t lie.  I had to wring my towel out afterwards and drain my mat!  How is that picture for you guys?  If you are not entirely grossed out yet, I recommend you drop any notions or preconceptions of yoga that you have had or do have in your mind right now and TAKE A CLASS!  It will change your life and you will walk out feeling refreshed, drenched, and like a new person entirely!  Namaste.  -Deane



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4 responses to “Is it hot in here?

  1. Oh my word, hot yoga completely undoes me…in a fantastic way. I was so noodley last time I went.Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I might give hot yoga a shot if it meant everyone in the room were attractive.

  3. i can’t even explain how jealous i am that (a) you work at such an awesome cafe and that (b) a yoga to the people studio is so close by. so glad you are doing well friend – ❤ you!!!

  4. i want to try hot yoga!! Sounds awesome! Like your blog!! 🙂

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