Meet Deane!

“Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is…”

Nope not Jay-Z, although that would be nice…  Actually my name is Adam, though some refer to me as Deane (my middle name).  I know what your thinking, “Deane, why is there an E on the end?  You must be foreign…”  Well, technically you are right.  I am of Austrian descent, although the name Deane was derived from the name of a German car dealership on my father’s ride to my birth.  No worries, my story gets better.

Deane, what do you do for a living?

Well imaginary interviewer, I consider myself a boy of many trades.  In the past four years I was blessed enough to be labeled with the following titles:  Juice Bar Waiter, Soccer Referee, Hotel Bell Boy, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur.  Where does this leave me now?  Can’t imagine you are having trouble guessing from my past positions what could possibly be next, but I am currently a supervisor at a Raw Foods Cafe in Seattle, Washington called THRIVE.  Before this I owned my own tutoring business in Ontario called “Deane’s List”… I love kids.  I love working with kids.  I love that I have been so lucky with having great clients, and I love seeing a child reach their full potential and build confidence in the process.

Deane in a nutshell…

In July of 88′ a 7lb 6oz ball of joy was thrust into the world, thus ending his older sister’s 9-year run as the only child.  Uh oh.  Over the next 22 years, this little ball of joy would journey to become a man and develop passions for the natural world, violent thunderstorms, long and beautiful hikes, the feeling of warm showers after cold runs, reading books that seem to capture the soul, writing creative short stories and poems, prepping / cooking / eating delicious plant-based meals after long days, the sense of having family and friends close by, towering pine trees, the sense and pure joy of lonliness out in the middle of the woods, and working to help others realize and capture their true aspirations.

I have lived, loved, had my heart-broken, worked jobs that I have hated, lied, cheated, hurt, experienced horrible physical pain, hurt others, moved, triumphed, done something that I thought was impossible, done something that I know I shouldn’t have, cried, laughed until I have cried, dreamed, conquered, hated, but most importantly I have learned, and this makes me a better person, today, than I have ever been.

One of my greatest blessings was being able to live in so many places growing up.  It forced me to accept a great deal of diversity at a young age and respect others for their true human qualities.  I grew up in Colorado but have lived in Tennessee, Arizona, Michigan, Ontario and currently reside in Seattle, Washington.

Any big plans for the future?

Why it is funny you should ask… It is like we have the same mind!  I am packing up my entire life into 6 or 7 boxes, a few duffle bags, and buying a one-way ticket to Seattle/Tacoma in the middle of June following the completion of my Undergraduate studies in April.  My intentions are to first settle into an apartment (preferably a loft), establish my personality in the town of Kenmore, and sit back and watch as the jobs roll in… Yeah right.  In actuality I am changing my middle name from Deane to Agressive upon finding an apartment and finding a job that I will jump out of bed for everyday!  Though, this is not the main reason for tossing my life into the Northwestern United States.  Bastyr University (One of only a few schools of Natural Medicine in the US) is located in Kenmore, and this is where I will carry my passions for the natural world onto eventually certify my knowledge!  The knowledge that you will hopefully get a taste of through the blog of my alias (Brother N8ture).  — EDITED TO ADD:  I AM HERE!! I HAVE  A WONDERFUL JOB!! AND I AM NOT AS STRAPPED FOR CASH AS I ORIGINALLY THOUGHT I WOULD BE 😉 

Any questions for me?  I’d be happy to answer!  I promise not to rhyme…
email me at


3 responses to “Meet Deane!

  1. this is hysterical. can’t wait to keep reading!

  2. ok you are awesome and How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Home Alone are seriously 2 of my most favorite movies.

  3. Nice to know more about you & wishing the best on your big move!

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